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We advise that you drink lots of water, have at least 8-hour sleep, and eat healthy food. For further queries on co-morbidities and medications, this will be discussed with you upon consultation.

In general, here are the steps of our consultation:

  • Step1: Submit info & photos to Beletura, 
  • Step 2: Be matched with Brazilian provider(s) who are experts in your treatments areas of interest, 
  • Step 3: Schedule and complete (1-3) doctor consultations ($249 fee), 
  • Step 4: Receive surgery/travel package quote based on your travel dates of interest.  
  • Step 5: Apply for financing.

It depends on what procedure you are having.

Book a consultation with us and discuss options with our medical experts.

Brazil is one of the top 10 countries known for cosmetic surgery. Brazilian cosmetic surgeons are known internationally as pioneers and bests in their respective fields.


Yes! Let our travel concierge team handle your flight booking, hotel reservation, and ground transportation.

We recommend sightseeing/ touring before surgery.

Absolutely no need. As of 2019, Brazil no longer requires visas from its tourists.


We accept all major credit & debit cards. 

Yes, we do! Check out

The approval process takes approximately 10-45 minutes.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Fill out an application online.

Step 2: Our team will review your application and run your credit.

Step 3: We’ll review and verify your desired physicians.

Step 4: We’ll send the approval form to your chosen physician.

Step 5: Bank verification and funds will be sent to our financing option.

Step 6: Voila! We’ll pay for your procedure and you’ll directly pay to the bank.

Our financing option covers the full range of medical procedures, cost of travel, accommodation, and other out-of-pocket costs.

This percentage depends on your credit score or the cosigner’s credit score. Rest assured, we offer the lowest rates possible.


Depending on your surgery or treatment, side effects are normal but usually do not last for more than 6 months.

Generally, we use medical-grade and highly efficient products and equipment. Your health is safe with us.

Depending on your procedure, we will put you on sedatives to ensure your procedure is painless and convenient.

We will monitor your progress until healing.

We will constantly check up on you. Our surgeons are known to be experts in their fields. Unexpected side effects are rare.


For air travels, you are to present a negative PCR that was taken within 72 hours, or a negative antigen test was taken within 24 hours of boarding. You need to also bring the Declaration of Traveller’s Health – DSV to the airline before boarding. Domestic sea traveling is already permitted starting November 1, 2021, as long as it practices Brazil’s Covid guidelines. International ships are still not allowed to date. For more information, your may visit this page.

Yes, as long as you are fully vaccinated and present the required documents stated above.

The embassy usually counts 90 days starting from the day of your symptoms. If you are asymptomatic, and still positive upon testing, you have to present:

  • Two detectable RT-PCR results, with an interval of at least 14 days, the latter test must be last performed within 72 hours prior,
  • An antigen test with negative or undetectable result taken after the last RT-PCR result; and
  • A medical certificate declaring that you are asymptomatic and able to travel, including the date of travel. 

For more information, you may visit this

We have partnered with only the best hotels. Your comfort and safety throughout your stay are our priority.

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